Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weird News - Brooklyn librarian fined $500 over daughter's book

The Associated Press

A New York City high school librarian has been fined $500, but it isn't a late fee: He's being punished for promoting his daughter's graphic novel on the job.

Robert Grandt says he only meant to show how proud he was by highlighting his daughter's first book, an adaptation of "Macbeth" that she co-illustrated. Grandt promoted the book in a newsletter he distributes as a librarian at Brooklyn Technical High School and gave out free copies.

The city's Conflicts of Interest Board says he broke an ethics code that prohibits public employees from taking actions that could benefit them personally. Grandt agreed to pay the fine.

Grandt says no one profited from his promotion. He says it's part of his job to "encourage the kids to read new books."

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