Saturday, October 17, 2009

Joke - Farting Problem

There's a woman that has a big problem when it came to farting.

She farts all the time, yet is never able to smell or hear them.

So one day she decides to go to the doctor about the problem.

She tells him how she is always leaving these long, hard farts that she can never smell or hear.

The doctor thinks about it and sends her home with some pills, telling her to come back a week later.

When she comes back to his office, she tells him how she still is having these horrible farts, but now they smell like rotting eggs.

The doctor's only reaction to this was... “It's good to know we cleared up your sinuses. Now to work on your hearing....”

3 comments: said...

Funny, you can finally be like a doggy and drink out of the toilet!

mr.rex said...

Nice one, but I am really farting expert.
Check it out here, and let's fart together.

leo garcia said...

lol. she could not smell or hear.

But how did she hear the doctor?


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